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27 December 2010 @ 10:19 pm
This came about after reading a random girl's profile on Tumblr. She writes, "I don't like 'about me's'. They paint a picture colored in black and white. The way we see ourselves. It is either we are too perfect or too imperfect. The truth is, we can be very wrong..." I agree with her, so I asked my fiancé if he would write an "about me" for me. This is the result.

By: Thomas Clarke

It's lunch time, and I am waiting anxiously at the bar of a restuarant for a girl I had only seen a wallet-sized picture of. A girl, encouraged by her mother to meet me. "You'd be perfect for each other," is what she told us both. Well, I am a man of punctuality; embedded in me by the Army. She is a woman who sees no crime in being fashionably late. No, actually, this wasn't the reason for her lateness, but as I've come to know her, it is very true.

Everything about her was perfect. I saw her walking across the room. An all white dress, heels, and hair perfectly in place as I sit here in my fatigues with a buzz cut. Without saying a word, she walks up, takes the seat beside me and takes a moment to place her things in the chair beside her. She finally turns to me and smiles and simply asks, "are you TJ?" I'm not really sure if I mustered a yes or even a nod because in that moment I was just glad that yes, I am TJ.

Now the phrases "most beautiful woman in the world" and "a smile that will light up a room" are often misused and overused, but I swear to you in that moment I knew her smile would light up my world and that she was and for the rest of my life be the most beautiful woman I'd ever see.

Kelly is the kindest, most loving person I know. I would be extremely surprised if she had any enemies. She is always smiling and is not content unless everyone around her is happy. She's not afraid to be silly. The girl doing the running man in the middle of a crowded dance floor; that is Kelly. Loving her was never really an option for me. It was intuitive. Always a part of my being.

Another phrase: "the luckiest man in the world." That is me. On June 11, 2011, in less than six months, I will marry this girl: the daughter I'd be perfect for, the most beautiful woman in my world who's smile lights up every room. These months cannot go by fast enough.

Now you're probably wondering about the rest of our blind date and you'd probably think it safe to assume it was successful, but you'd be wrong. The conversation was typical of a first date, but her cell phone was constantly ringing, the server got her order wrong, and at the end we had a disagreement about what an appropriate tip would be. So leaving the restaurant slightly disappointed, I walk her to her car. She hugs me. Smiles. Opens her car door. I begin to walk away. She calls out to me before getting in the car and closing the door. She leaves me with this...

"I love a man in camo."
16 September 2010 @ 08:52 pm